“Thank you for taking my son and I fishing.  He is about to turn 21 and join the Navy so we don’t spend too many days together just he and I.  You had us on trophy fish from the time we started fishing until the time we left.  The highlights being able to catch my first Tarpon and a beautiful “big as it gets” Snook and a slot red all in the same day.  And watching my son accomplish the same “Glades Triple Play” (Noting that his Red fish was not a legal Red fish – therefore, mine was better).  You are a true professional.  Finally, the value you provided for the $450.00 charge was more than fair for a half day.  You provide a safe, clean top of the line Maverick boat to fish from – the boat being one of the most stable boats I have ever been on.  You were more than up to speed on the tides and weather conditions and pushed us to get out early so we could take advantage of an early favorable tide – which was key to some of our success.  Finally, I never felt like you were worried about time.  Some guides that take a charter for a half day make the guest feel rushed.  You know exactly what time you left and exactly what time you need to be back.  I don’t think you ever checked your watch and, even better, I never felt like you cared what time it was.  The objective was to catch fish and as long as we were catching fish we, “probably could stay a little longer.”  I never thought I would say uncle.  However, after I finally took a couple of photographs with the largest Snook I had ever caught, I was truly ready to go home – I finally cried “Uncle.”  I will definitely recommend you to anyone that asks and hope to arrange a trip with my Dad and I in the near future.  Thank you again for a very special day. We had a phenomenal day.”

-David Durkee
Miami, FL

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip with you! I really appreciate you taking the extra effort to make sure that I caught my first Tarpon! I’ve been on many chartered fishing trips and on most once the time is up the trip is done. You going above and beyond meant a lot and showed to me that you are dedicated to your clients having successful trips! I’ll have no problem referring you to anyone, and next time I’m in the area I will be in touch for sure! I can see Tarpon fishing being addicting! Good Luck my friend!

-Brent Rieck
Apple Valley, MN

“I chartered Capt. Jason for 2 days of fishing, one at night for tarpon, and one day trip in the Everglades. The first night we jumped over 10 tarpon and landed 4. What a great and exciting night of fishing. We got a late start the next day and casted at tailing redfish all day long. Can’t wait for our next adventure!”

-Craig Fuller
Pompano Beach, FL

“We fly fished 4 days with Capt. Jason out of Flamingo. His knowledge of the area and tides was unbelievable. Mark and I both got redfish, snook, tarpon, trout, ladyfish, and jacks all on fly in the 4 days we fished. What a great experience. He was very patient with us and taught us a lot about fly fishing.”

-Mark Hudson and Ed Muller
South Africa

“Fly fishing in the Everglades is a must with Capt. Jason. He is very patient and a great teacher. Capt. Jason was well prepared for our day of fishing and I’m looking forward to our next trip.”

-Bill Winston
St. Louis, MO

“Over the years, I have taken guided fishing trips across Florida. Never has a guide made the experience as enjoyable as Capt. Jason, he stands above them all. From the minute we stepped aboard his Maverick, it never felt like we were fishing with a guide but that we were friends for years. Once we reached Flamingo, it was rare for us not to have a bend in our rods. His knowledge of the water and fish behavior was incredible. Believe it or not, we actually got to the point where we no longer wanted to catch Redfish and Snook due to the fact he was able to put us on multiple fish at every location. Then I decided to targeted shark and tarpon with again great success. Simply put Capt. Jason will be my go to guide from here on out and I look forward to the next trip.”

-Dan Hamilton
Englewood, FL

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