Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing
Hope all is well.  I just got a last minute cancellation today, so I wanted to get out a quick report to let everyone know what is going on in the Everglades.   Currently, we are on some weak tides and haven’t seen a huge number of tarpon.  That should change any day now and  I expect it to really get going next week and into May. There are still plenty of fish in the Park and we have gotten into to them.  We have had some great days over the last few weeks and should only get better.  It is definitely my favorite time of year.
The baby tarpon has been really good lately.  We have been mostly sightfishing these little guys and they are a blast on a fly rod.  Great practice for the big boys!
I only have a few days left in May and June, so give me a call or respond tot his email to get out on the water!
All the best,

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