Benefits of Inshore Fishing

A lot of times I get asked, “What is Inshore Fishing?” Inshore fishing is fishing over shallow waters close to shore. For example, bays, estuaries, and locally, Everglades National Park which is considered a “World-Class Fishery.” Inshore fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch fish because it’s done in shallow water and usually with light tackle or fly tackle.

One of the major benefits of fishing inshore is not getting sea sick. Most days in South Florida, there is a pretty good breeze. If you decide to fish offshore, there is no place to hide from the wind. When that wind kicks up, it obviously kicks up the waves in the ocean. If you are anything like me, after a few hours of going up and down on each wave, you will be leaning over the gunnels showing everyone what you had for breakfast. You seem to forget why you booked an offshore trip in the first place. You can’t wait until you get back to the dock so everything will stop moving! That is probably one of the main reasons I prefer to stay inshore. Fishing inshore waters of Miami and the Everglades gives you the opportunity no matter the wind, to stay in relatively calm waters. Fishing leeward shorelines and islands on windy days is the beauty of taking that inshore fishing trip!

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